What is Breast Thermography?

Breast Thermography is a safe adjunctive state-of-the-art imaging option that utilizes computerized Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging, to help determine a woman's risk of developing breast cancer in the future and/or of currently having breast cancer.


thermographyThermography is a safe imaging screening that measures thermovascular temperatures and patterns on the surface of the breasts, without the use of compression or radiation. These temperatures and patterns create a thermal map that can be monitored over time for stability and change, caused by physiological abnormalities such as inflammation and/or increased blood flow, possibly indicating a pre-cancerous condition or cancer development.


Thermal imaging can help determine if the temperature on the surface of your breast(s) is increasing by measuring the heat signature produced by metabolic activity and vascular structures. By creating a Thermal "fingerprint", vascular patterns and heat signatures can be monitored for stability and changes over a women's lifetime.


This empowers a woman with more information about her breast health. When a woman is alerted to physiological abnormalities, it gives her an opportunity to make changes. Healthy lifestyle choices (i.e. diet, natural hormonal balance, exercise, stress management, etc.) are crucial in our efforts to prevent disease. Partnering with a progressive/integrative healthcare practitioner is an important part of this effort.


Monitoring physiological changes related to inflammation and increased blood flow that could lead to and/or indicate pathology can be an important motivator for many women. Thermography can alert you and your doctor to changes at the earliest stages allowing for an opportunity to determine the best way to proceed.

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Thermography vs. Mammography: They are not competitors.

Comparing Thermography to Mammography is like trying to compare having your temperature taken with a thermometer, to getting a chest X-ray. They are completely different technologies.


Thermography is a harmless, no contact screening that collects data from the heat the body emits, allowing for an opportunity to monitor for physiological changes that may alert us to inflammation, potential disease development, tumor growth, and to other conditions.


Mammography is screening for disease that already exists. Mammography utilizes ionizing radiation, and compression to detect masses.


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